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When choosing a Miami website design company, there’s a few things you should ask yourself before making the commitment. Thats right, we said commitment. Lots of small business owners choose their marketing company without doing proper research first. The result is usually sub par and you end having to hire another web development company for a redesign. Functionality and creativity play a large role in the development a successful website and should be handled by trained and skilled professionals. We’ve put together a list of questions to ask before picking your website design company, here they are:

Is both design and development included in the cost?

Can I get a list of those who will be working on my website?

Will my website be responsive?

Do you use freelancers or outsource overseas?

Many overseas developers aren’t subject to the same competitive edge we’ve been exposed to in the United States. They haven’t been pushed to be as innovative and their development and design skillsets and knowledge base are limited because of this. Inexperience and deficient knowledge produces low quality work which produces low quality results. Our Miami website design services are all done in-house to ensure high-value content is created. Because of this, our clients enjoy forward thinking websites that often don’t require a redesign for many years. If a company normally outsources their work, the results are often frazzled and incoherent. We avoid this by working on web design projects from concept to completion. This ensures the results will speak highly of the brand.

What platform and CMS will be used?

This is a super important question to ask before hiring a website design company. If they’re using an open source platform such as WordPress or Shopify, it’ll be easier for you or your in-house marketing specialist to update content on your website easily. We offer custom coded website development and ongoing marketing services. In many cases we opt for an open source platform to make it easier for you to take the reigns and develop new content on your own.

Will I easily be able to edit and add content?

In a platform like WordPress, its easy to update, edit, and add content to your website with a few simple clicks. We strongly suggest hiring a marketing company that offers you a walk-through of how to add and edit content as well as the option for an open source platform and CMS.

Is SEO and content strategy included in the cost?

SEO and content strategy are separate services from your site being built. When looking for long term marketing results directed to your website, SEO (search optimization) and content strategy are important keynote factors to utilize. The power of SEO and content strategy are the difference between a successful an unsuccessful website.

How long will it take for my website to be built?

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