“Your Brand is a Story Unfolding
Across All Customer Touch Points”

-Jonah Sachs

What is Branding + Identity?

A strong brand is the beginning of a successful business. It’s how people recognize you. It’s how they remember you. Branding, by definition, is a design process in which a company creates a name, logo (a distinctive symbol or design) that is easily identifiable and clearly represents the company.ย Branding is important because it not only identifies you as a brand, it also sets the standard of what to expect from your company. It’s a way of distinguishing yourself from your competitors and should be done with meticulous skill.

There’s few things we love more than branding (seriously, only a few!). There’s something about developing a brand that gets us excited. The colors, the concepts, the ideas being communicated – it’s all really fascinating to us. We also love seeing our brands on the internet, on billboards, magazines and other advertising outlets. It’s truly a creative rush that we can’t get enough of. Ok, enough about how we feel about branding. Let’s tell you how we can help you create your perfect brand identity.

Branding + Identity isn’t just for new businesses

It’s necessary to reinvent every so often in order to stay relevant. A classic logo will usually stand the test of time but it’s always good to consider sprucing up your vibe and refreshing your look. In the case of a new business, you’re starting from scratch and we can help you develop a catchy, timeless brand identity. If you’re looking to redesign your brand identity, we’re here to consult, design and execute a brand new look. Through in-depth research, innovative creativity and thorough knowledge of brand psychology, The Glow Up will help you shine bright like the diamond that you are. Get in touch with us to find out more about our branding and identity development services. We’d love to work with you!

Ah, your logo…the face of your brand, the first impression a prospective customer sees. A good logo helps draw attention to your company. With a good logo, it’ll be good attention. A good logo will identify what your company does and what it stands for. People remember a great logo and it shouldn’t be something you have a Craigslist designer put together in a few minutes (sorry, Craigslist designers but it’s true!) See some of our logos here.

In marketing, colors are an emotional cue. They communicate thoughts and feelings. Through color, you can portray your brand in the right light and get your audience to see and feel what you want to communicate without using words. Choosing bright, loud colors when your product or service reflects a sense of calm isn’t a good idea. Choosing the wrong colors can negatively impact your product or service.

As defined by Alina Wheeler in Designing Brand Identity, โ€œA tagline is a short phrase that captures a company’s brand essence, personality, and positioning, and distinguishes the company from its competitors.โ€ The right tagline will stand out and make you the memorable choice among competitors so choosing the right wording that effectively communicates who you are is essential to a good tagline.