Google Maps = Gold Mine?

These days Google has become increasingly used for local searches due to Google adding the map section to help users quickly decide how far a business is so when it comes to Google Map Ranking, the amount of competitors is minimal and it can help to grow on your neighborhood from the start. On the other hand, websites that have organic SEO in unlimited by location and by pages and can increase their traffic as they develop and rank higher in organic search results.

Search engines are always clarifying how the user experience is one of the main ranking factors:

CRO includes two bottom line factors, one of them is how long the searcher stayed in your website (usually more than 7 sec is considered good website) and the second is the user action, means if he finally find what he was looking for and click to call to just learn when he was seeking to learn.​

Besides the time and action there is environment on the entire page, like when u go to a place you like, it’s not only because the drinks are good is because the vibe is great and you like to stay there, so if your website have a good vibe for the user the search engines will find that and help your website in ranking!